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Core Values & Principles


Core Values


IGL has a deep amount of respect for its customers, it employees, and the laws by which its ventures are governed. IGL believes no relationship can succeed without respect, and the company acknowledges and appreciates that its packers and movers business would not have reached the pinnacle it has today were it not for its business relationships with its customers and colleagues. Every transport logistics transaction and interaction that IGL had is guided by professional courtesy and respect.


IGL has made great efforts to gain the trust of its clients, and IGL has worked (and will work) even harder to maintain that trust and goodwill. Trust is the foundation on which the international logistics company’s client-list was built, and it is the trust that IGL has subsequently guarded that will keep the company among the ranks of the best logistics companies in India.


The mark of any great service a company provides is in its measure of quality and its adherence to excellence as a common standard. IGL understands this basic concept and strives to maintain a high quality of the logistics services it provides to each and every one of its customers at any given time.


Technology changes every day and IGL is well aware that it is the quality and innovative use of such technology that will provide its customers with the best logistics transportation services in India.


IGL’s skilled team of professionals is responsible for its continuing success in the field of relocation services. And it is the quality of their teamwork that gets all the logistics services from IGL running smoothly.


Our Principles

People are the very heart of our enterprise – both inside and outside the company. For, while we owe our smooth running and steady quality rating to our team of employees and colleagues within Interport, our customers’ trust and partnership with us has ensured our reputation and success outside the company walls. Hence, maintaining a positive and trustworthy relationship with people and the community as a whole forms the very basis of our logistics services company’s core principles.

Consequently, respect and trust are of high priority at Interport Global Logistics (IGL). As is executing and delivering a high quality of service to our clients. And it is the combination of these principle guidelines that has led IGL to currently hold a place among the best logistics companies in the country.

Innovation is yet another of Interport’s core principles. For we know how technology changes in the blink of an eye. Hence, in order to ensure that our customers can always get every packers and movers service that is available in the market at any point of time, IGL is constantly adapting and innovating its equipment, services, and technology in order to provide the same. After all, shipping logistics, relocation services, and freight logistics companies are quite a few in numbers in India. So, in order to win and stay among the top choices of logistics companies in India, we ensure that we always provide the most advanced logistics services available in the industry, especially if it means we can ease our clients’ workload by being a one-stop destination for all their logistics requirements.

These core principles guide every aspect of IGL’s business operations at any point of time. They not only encase our professional relationship with the community, but are also embedded into every department and stage of our organization.