INTERPORT, subject to certain conditions, offers customers the opportunity to printbills of lading in their own office receiving the documents via the Internet ase-mail attachments.

Here is how to register and get started with the service:

Please inform us that you are interested by confirming your current registration data in this application request OR by registering on our track-your- cargo link with full details.

You will be contacted by our executive responsible for your business. If you prefer another branch office, please add this information to the remarks field in your “application request”. Our office will request you to provide the following documents:

  • Two signed originals of the Power of Attorney (PoA). (forms can be downloaded here1)
  • Proof of Insurance, in accordance with section 3 of the Power of Attorney.

Please send the requested documents to the Corporate Office address only.

Our office will check if all requirements for the approval of your request to releasethe bills of lading to you via e-mail attachment are fulfilled. Our local representativewill be in contact with you to set up the system and arrange a test printout.

Bills of Lading printed at a customer location must be printed on INTERPORT’S pre printed bill of lading. Our local representative will provide you with an initial number of forms and thereafter you are requested to order additional forms through your INTERPORT’S representative.