RFID Software & Hardware Logistics & Transport Solutions Services Company

IGL provide RFID software & hardware solutions to our clients from wide range of industries in India, America and other countries. Our aim is to deliver customized exceptional quality products and services to our clients to enable error-free deliveries of their products and to enable maintain 100% accurate inventory.

It is our aim to help export/import clients achieve maximum profits by providing quality services and reducing costs by taking the benefit from this new emerging technology.

Top 10 Reason to adopt RFID

  • Real-time, accurate operational data monitoring and visibility.
  • Improved agility and responsiveness through end-to-end process integration throughout the supply chain.
  • End-to-end process integration through the integration of disparate systems, the elimination of islands of automation and the
  • utomation of any “black holes.”
  • Elimination of lag times among processes and reduction of cycle times for streamlined product movement.
  • Reduction in product and process errors and associated rework through the automation of standard processes, which allows human
  • esources to focus more closely on exception processing.
  • Automation allows human intervention to be reduced — or even eliminated — allowing manufacturers to deal with changing
  • orkforce trends.
  • Improved information access via insight into execution-level activities and associated performance across the enterprise.
  • Reduction in the risk of regulatory, mandated and customer/partner non-compliance by facilitating compliance management.
  • Reduction in organizational and logistical complexities and operational costs through simplified and more efficient manufacturing
  • nd distribution processes.
  • The goal of continuous, bi-directional and enterprise-wide data visibility can be realized, enabling the factory of the future.SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW
    Streamline Processes
    Customers have consistently increased revenues after using our products by being able to prevent theft, remove inefficiencies and streamline user interaction. Companies from a wide range of industries can deploy our solutions to benefit from this technology.
    Solve Business Problems
    We are focused primarily on increasing the productivity of its clients by providing them value solutions with higher quality and by streamlining processes.

We provide maximum productivity to companies who wish to have a quality hard ware and software product or service. We create software products and provide technical services to companies. We have an enhanced methodology which is finely customized for individual client requirements.

Our unique methodology focuses on providing a good communication structure. Not being able to see the progress of any project is major concern for many companies. We have solved this problem and taken the solution to the next step.

We emphasize on communication. Our structure ensures that you are in constant touch with us and never have to face a situation of contacting us at the eleventh hour.

We constantly try to capture its intellectual capital and store it in the Knowledge Central. We encourage our new clients to access this Knowledge Central to learn more about the process and decide what methods are best for them.

The Knowledge Central comprises of many whitepapers and articles about RFID and related topics. You can make a suggestion for whitepaper by contacting us.

We also offer a series of training options where our team comes to your company and gives you a detailed overview of outsourcing. Depending on you needs, you can choose among different packages.

We analyzes your requirements from your business’s point of view and not just the technical requirements of a product. This ensures that we provide value service and design our next step which is in line with your business.

When we reach the deployment stage, we give you tools so you can constantly monitor your resources. Our team works hard to ensure that our work matches your needs.

After deployment we provide a strong support team to help you through any questions. Based on requirements we provide additional support.

Web Based Enterprise and Application System for smaller firms.

Complete RFID solution for Manufacturing, Retail, Warehouses and Office Management
We provide fully integrated, fully wireless, comprehensive solutions that can process a tag with no redundant data entry and provide a backend system to support. It can facilitate a job from the point of initial scan through to the final entry.

For Manufacturing:
Prevent theft, remove inefficiencies and streamline user interaction. Companies from a wide range of industries can deploy our solutions to benefit from this technology.

For Warehouses:
Learn more about the warehouse management modules which we use for our own warehouses throughout India.

For Asset Tracking: You can track and trace all your assets and maintain inventory.

For People Tracking Learn how you can save labour cost and monitor labour timings most effectively.